Gym Rest

Gym Rest

Your personal trainer on your Apple Watch


Welcome To Gym Rest !

Gym Rest is an App specifically designed for Apple Watch !
Will allow to keep track of your gym sessions directly from your Apple Watch!
The iPhone App is only a companion App and contains only the instruction and the session saved from your Apple Watch !


First of all make sure to turn off “Do Not Disturb”, enable Notification and enable access to your Health Data to allow Gym Rest to monitor your heart rate and calories burned during your gym sessions!!

From Your Apple Watch, at your first launch you have an empty database, so use use Force Touch to add a new preset

Use the Digital Crown to set the Number of Series, the Rest time and the Rest Time before the following preset

Save your preset and choose it from your database

Start your activity Health Data monitoring using Force Touch

Choose you preset, run your first series and when you have finished touch the center button and the timer start the countdown with the set Rest time

Some second before the end of Rest time you receive a notification to inform that the rest is almost finished !

And so again and again… after all series the last Rest time will you prepare for the next preset !

When you will stop monitoring your session data will be sended and saved to iPhone and with HandOff you con easly and quickly open Gym Rest on your iPhone !

For quick access to Gym Rest use the Gym Rest Complication in any Watch Face that allow it !!

If you use Siri Watch Face Siri will learn your habits and suggest you to start a session with Gym Rest when you will arrive at the gym.

Now it’s your time ,put the iPhone in your locker and start your workout with your Apple Watch !!

Thank you for downloading Gym Rest !

Now Gym Rest is

Optimized for iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone XR.
Optimized for Apple Watch 4 Series.
Optimized for iOS 12 and watchOS 5

For each question and suggestion feel free to visit the support page and contact me through support or twitter account !

Special Thanks

to Ciro Barbato( @melamorsicata ) for the App idea and for the precious support in beta testing